Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What’s new in deer hunting gear and gadgets?

The fall hunting season is still months away, yet what better way to pass the time than to check out a batch of great new products that promise to make your season more fun and successful? Here’s a batch of great gear and gadgets that will capture your imagination like the proverbial deer in the headlights:


BOG Gear introduces its new Wide Body Shooting Rest for use with all BOG-POD shooting sticks. The Wide Body provides extra stability at any distance for virtually any shooter due to its unique 4-inch-wide rubber-covered top. Like all quick-change accessories available for BOG-POD shooting sticks, it quickly “pops” directly onto the head of any BOG-POD shooting stick and swivels 360 degrees. It’s lightweight and compact and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


Brite-Strike introduces the fourth generation APALS (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips) for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The green light spots have been a huge hit with hunters to mark the way to a tree stand in the dark, because the green color is not detected by game animals. They feature an Easy Pull Tab (easy to peel off when wearing gloves) and are much brighter than the previous versions with a run time of more than 80 hours. The tiny glow can be seen up to half a mile away and operates in steady-on, slow strobe, and fast strobe. Ten-pack MSRP $39


The Pivot Traverse Bi-Pod allows a hunter to stay on moving game, switching between animals, or at the range, engage multiple targets with a smooth rotation or a steady hold. Its innovative traversing technology enables a shooter to horizontally track back and forth, which expands the field of fire and produces increased shooting options — all without having to reposition the rifle. The rapid-adjust lever lock lets shooters go from a fluid swiveling motion to rock-steady lock-down in seconds. The bipod easily attaches to sling swivel studs, has spring-return telescoping tubular legs and features a durable, all-metal construction. MSRP $72;

Like a step back in time, the DH Russell Belt Knife is an original-design hunting knife, created after trial and testing with hunters and trappers in the Far North back in the 1950s. It features a comfortable grip for game dressing, a unique elliptical blade to lessen cutting drag, and palm and finger fitting offset handle for a safer grip. You can select from various steel, grind and handle options. Grohmann Knives are known for high quality materials, along with unique designs and talented craftspeople. MSRP: $96


The Piranta-Bolt features a blaze orange ABS handle, black rubber grip insert, open back for easy cleaning, ambidextrous thumb studs, liner lock and removable pocket clip. The 20-percent-thicker blades deliver 30 percent more strength, which should be a big help to knife users who tend to break blades. The Piranta line features long handles and strong blades that weight just 1.6 ounces, and comes with a nylon holster. Havalon’s replaceable blades eliminate the need to carry heavy skinning knives, sharpeners and whetstones into the field. MSRP $49; 


The BowSharp Blade Sharpener is a multifunctional tool featuring five different essential tools for archers combined in one portable package. The Tungsten Carbide sharpening element plays double duty and is specifically designed to sharpen knives and broadheads. By extending the sharpening element to the outside of the handle you can sharpen broadheads safely, and with greater accuracy. Unique is the collapsible tool kit integrated into the handle and features a full set of eight Allen wrenches ranging from 5/64 to 7/32 as well as both a flat head and Philips head screwdriver. The body of the sharpener features a rubberized grip to make it safe and easy to use in wet or dry conditions. MSRP $16;Moultrie 

All in One Deer Feeder Timer Kit

erfect for the hunter who wants more feed control, without the fuss. This out-of-the-box kit has nearly everything you need to get started, no assembly required. We’ve even included batteries! Or choose to power your feeder with a solar panel (sold separately). The MOULTRIE ALL IN ONE TIMER KIT easily attaches to any bucket size and allows up to 4 programmed feed times per day. New efficiencies in battery design now offer double the run time, providing up to 4 months’ field life!

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